June 19, 2017

like a programmed minion

i have been searching.

for years.

a lifetime; and then some.

it occurred to me this morning-

the birds chirp

the tires swoosh

the sun touching the rooftops

my heart lifting and peaceful

i can stop that.

at some point we find what we have spent

this lifetime searching for.

it does not mean it is over-

this life-

it means it has begun.


in your world?

June 17, 2017

there are people in my world

i hear them now

running the machinery that makes the noises in the early morning

low hum, rumble

tooting the horn

the train whistling

the conductor and watchman in the early morning light

tires swoosh the pavement in front

and even just now

a small voice close but not too

speaking in words unintelligible

there are people in my world


some days break my heart

to realize i am

not alone.



June 16, 2017

the brush strokes wrap themselves around my heart

the tiny hands of them grasping my hair

brushing my shoulder

as I embrace and carry its newness, this paintings infant-love newness

into the daylight.




too wide

June 16, 2017

I did not know there was too-

too wide

too strong

too open.

too trusting

I thought the entire world wanted to see inside my flung-wide heart-doors

and come inside.

I did not know there are those

in this world

who would not come inside-

or would come

but only to knock all the keepsakes off the mantel~