I’ve posted my thoughts on this phrase before; more in keeping with the exploration of possibilities than what I look to it for this morning.

Not to be morose, or verboten but I ask this morning

‘what if’ I get to my final breath and have unfinished bits? What will they be? What will I ‘regret’?

What will be my ‘what if’s’ at the end?

Those things I DIDN”T do for cautions sake, or courtesy, or cultures……

What if I did, do them now, and throw all those to the wind; caution, courtesy and culture?

What are my ‘what if’s’ that will be regrets if I leave them as ‘what ifs’?


1) I will regret not waking John at 3am just because I want to snuggle.

Thumbing my nose at courtesy and as of 6 November John will not be sleeping beyond 3am some mornings….

2) I will regret not telling my ex I always felt very safe with him driving. And he makes the best bread; although I suspect he needn’t hear this…. 🙂

Considering him ‘told’ as I forward this post to his inbox…..

3) I will regret having not gone all-in on how much I want to show and tell lifers how much they mean to me!

2015, you’ve been warned; get ready for more Trish than you’ve bargained for….

4) I will regret having not tried in ridiculous crazy absolute faith, despite the reality of the world having to align as well.

OPENstudio, you’ve got and are getting my all and then some. Come what may I will not regret~

Lean in world; live beyond the ‘what ifs’~












in love.