Humans tell stories to make sense of our world, to create meaning for ourselves, and to provide inspiration for others.

Being the protagonist in your own story is about accepting the role of “good guy.”







Not everyone has over the years agreed with my determination to the inclusivity of encaustic; that it can work with, in and alongside all other medium and mode.

And stretched further, that it offers a creative outlet to EVERYONE; even the least of these <artists>~

EncaustiCamp was born out of my desire to see this played out, this inclusiveness, in a bigger way.

It’s done that.

What I didn’t expect was the community that would form.

The relationships that would develop and thrive

or the further exclusion (of myself) from those who disagree with my platform.

I had no idea I’d be part of digging a canyon~

But sometimes believing in things strongly

and standing up for them

no matter how seemingly inconsequential

creates a great divide.


One has to hold hope that

At some point

the partied sides will choose to come down from their height

navigate into the divide

and meet up in the middle of the valley.

It’s awfully pretty on shared








in love.