I caught the moon this morning after a long going on of drought no-moon-in-my-morning-window what with my window being that of my sons borrowed bedroom 300 miles north with curtains drawn and facing the wrong way to the sky anyway there is just something about it that moon no matter how full or slim if shining in my morning window a delight ignites my heart and an instant smile curls the edges of my cheeks into a crescent there is just something about that morning moon it gives me grounding I suppose I could say but it is something more truth be told I feel when I see it and feel my heart flitter into a fullness that I hadn’t the moment before realized was unfilled it simply is that moon up there shining hanging in the sky like a lantern at the end of a staff of a welcome guest approach over a hill a wagon train of expected love cresting the horizon and heading into my home that lantern glow of the moon in my morning window simply is and I therefore am that simply it is back to what I say so much too much for some of you perhaps but when my life no longer proves it true I’ll stop but until then it brings me back to that statement I say so much I get to it is simply that and the morning moon shining in my window illuminating my heart to possibilities and my smile cresting to expectation it simply is and I get to this is the whole package of meaning that is in everything it simply is and I simply am and I get to I can see that it is all as it’s always been intended and I walk in that intending and anticipating in the light of this simply fact of love and constancy and truth this is the blessing of light and any other classification is ludicrous I get to.

It simply is and we are that