the coffee noise is almost too much but some are clearing out and the one dog yipping seems to be nearly ready to go so we sit and I drink matcha forgotten almond milk with standard cow and now after just a few sips already feel the regret slipping in but that’s okay today it is okay it is Sunday and I am here and with friend alongside and cute dog across the room and gentle conversations going in front left right and behind there is no where else to be and no thing else to do and cow milk matcha may make my micro-biome talk about things I’d rather weren’t said aloud in a crowded cafe I am going to continue drinking and continue not caring and continue to make my way to the bottom of the pale green tinted cup with foam silted edges making me desire my hands in paint and pigment while the others chat and giggle the girl with sunglasses on her head read her book cover curled back on itself and sit here with a half smile next to my good friend who too has fingers tapping though not keyboard as she has touch pad and enjoy my Sunday cow milk aside