‘When the soul lies down in the grass,

the world is too full to talk about.’

Rumi, Out Beyond




Have you ever felt challenged to test something?

A theory,

a hunch

a niggling, hanging-on

pestering idea that won’t let up on your brain?

I’m there.

Yet avoiding


telling it to ‘just hold on while I finish what I’M doing….’

Keeping myself consistently and controlling-ly in the drivers seat….

For months,


I’ve wanted to let SomEoNe elSe

be the boss of me 🙂

and yet I constantly step into the front of the line when an idea hits me

I’ve got this one!’ I shout…



As best I can I am turning over those reigns.

Shutting down the offices of ‘pbseggebruch in charge’ and

letting what comes bear it’s own course.

This is not to say I will be a doormat-to-doing around me.

I will respond purposefully and passionately to what prompts.

But not immediately.

And not with my own idea of how.

I am sitting comfortably in the back seat,

belt fastened,

smiling at the driver through the rear view mirror,

and holding Johnny’s backward-stretched hand as he sits in the passenger seat on this one.

I am along for the ride for awhile.



Come what may~


Not the rest of placid peace  of stagnation, but the rest of perfect motion~


‘If a person keeps growing, his or her false selves usually die in exposure to great light.’

Richard Rohr, Immortal Diamond


‘No one takes it from me because I lay down my life that I may take it up again. No one takes it from me but I lay it down of my own accord.’ John 10:17-18


in love.


*I will be away from social media, blogging and newsletters for three months as I reacclimate to being a full-time US-soiled citizen~

I’ll return somewhere in the midst of February as a new site launches, EncaustiCamp 2015 details roll out and the wonder of letting NOTHING BE PLANNED has evolved….wish me luck 🙂