Daniel’s 21 and wind farm fun


Daniel turned 21 in Australia. I blogged about the overlapping time Patrick and I have with him here in Week 3.

And I touched on the amazement of the amazing generosity of the people in our first weeks here in What’s been given and Week 1.

Putting these two stories together brings me to now;

Daniel’s 21

And wind farm fun

17 people gathered around the table for




Yesterday evening.

It was Daniel’s 21st birthday.

We shared dishes prepared by

The birthday boy himself:

Chicken rice casserole,

Roasted vegetables

Bread pudding

With banana avocado whip topping

(it’s very good don’t knock it)

As well as dishes brought by others

A garden fresh salad


And vanilla slice

We ate too much

We drank too much

We laughed too much

If this is even possible

It wonders me;

None of these people knew me

Nor I them

Just a month ago.

And none of them knew Daniel

As early as just

Last week.

Yet they came.

And celebrated.

And brought


And generosity.

And friendship.

It’s just a wonder.

No other way of

Stating it.

Just a wonder.

The spirit of generosity that is born

Through an open


Heart and



And today

We went to the

Wind farm.

Another wonder of a

Completely different ilk.

Albany’s treasure;

Their jewel to

Preservation and

Future planning

And longevity.

The solitary hum

Of these beautiful

Behemoths on the hills overlooking

the bay

Beckon to come see

And still your


Heart and spirit

To see so much further

Beyond yourself

Into the mist

That surrounds them this cool

Summer morning

And into the future they are promising to Albany’s

Next generations

And those thereafter.

I felt small

Yet oh so large as well.

Able to stand where I was standing,

To experience what I was experiencing

And able to do so

In the wake of such





Life is a wonder.

Choices may need to be made.


Difficult and long living


But in the end

Just breathing into the wonder

Of exactly where we are

Exactly when we are

Makes so much more sense

And drives home the truth

With yet another affirming


I am here.

I am ready for whatever comes my way.

Pass or fail,

I stepped out

And this is what


As I put one foot in front of the other.

In love. trish