she did it to me again this morning

Amy Gerstler shook my notion of how I was wrong in the world that was


I am not eccentric or off-center

put out by a world that is full of model citizens

in my desire to stand at this age

and wish I had somehow been able to do so at that age

for the idiosyncratic way I stand in

my day.

I like the hours that go by full

of the emptiness

of every day people

because these days are the rich

emptiness of things that have become a facade

only a front

yes one that has stood for so long that no one not even the most discerning eye can see that it is and always has been a false front fullness of days empty of false fronts and facades

I do not think this is too much to ask and to be considered right in and if it is

if I am burned at the stake for this full emptiness of fake and no one else wants to see facades bulldozed through if it is too much to ask then I will admit myself to the world 

and live where no one can be bothered~

to think