It’s a strange thing

entirely different from what I’ve known before.

I’d have been frightened by it a year ago but now

it’s made me curious…


a daily ‘huh, this is interesting….’ settles in my brain….

as I realize what I am realizing….

For the past month-

give or take mind you-

always give or take-

I’ve been joyous. (that’s the best I can do to describe it sorry!)

you know the every-moment-just-flowing-into-the-next-as-what’s-in-front-of-me-seems-like-the-perfect-‘good idea’- and- therefore-easily-becomes-the-next-thing-I-do.

I think some would want to tell me I’m in flow.

(sorry again! It seems the right word though you know!? ugh. Poor overused terms…..)

no lists.

no box ticking.

no self-appointed pressure to do or be or achieve something somewhere with somebody.

Mind you-

I have and honor my obligations. Am grateful for them and thrive in ‘getting to’ all of them!

They are no longer though some great obligation

they’ve somehow crept into being

honor and joy. (which they should’ve been from the get-go duh trish!)

Sounds simple I know.

Or lame. (voiceover Patrick’s ‘You’re a dork mom!’)

Best I can explain it, I’m getting it all done same as ‘before’,

just not noticing the getting it done-


Getting it done and not realizing I just got it done because I’ve had so much fun



in just doing it and its then just seemingly all of a sudden, done.

Funny how that works.

Flow. (yup, there it is again…)

It all gets done in its own due time

Regardless if I’ve put it on a laundry list.


Somehow the universe keeps track of what I’ve committed to-


and keeps me in check-

and knows a better pace than any I’ve tried to maintain.


The test comes soon; EncaustiCamp.

Will I continue to flow or will I fall on my behind….


I’m having fun.

I’ll let you know if everyone involved agrees with my theory~

Thank you God.

in love.