how often do you get to fly on a mobile hotel?! Two stories of sleeping quarters and seats. Too much fun.

 Some of you have noticed the glaring absence of posts, pictures, information from my trip, life altering trip!, to Australia this past spring (US spring that is 🙂
Sorry about the delay. Stuff needed to be pondered. Things needed to roll around. People had to be consulted. I had to truly trust that God was not saying ‘no’ (nod to all my EncaustiCampers on this one ;)))) )

 ‘Queenslander’ The traditional house of the norther tropical climate; they let in the air!

And now, well, I guess there’s no time like the present now. Putting off the news at this point is simply a selfish savoring on my part…and that’s just uncalled for!

I still think their outlets look like ghost faces- woooooooo 🙂

John said yes.
Patrick said yes.
My other boys said YES!
My parents said,
‘how can we help?’ (a parental YES of the best kind)

A view etched into my brain~

 So we said yes.
John, Patrick and I will move to Australia January 2013 to live for two years. Not forever; two years.

Amazing trees; roots that is!

 I will teach; inspire that great continent to encaustic and all it’s possibilities. John will follow his passion of thoroughbred breeding (the #3 sport in AU as fate would have it!) and Patrick will complete high school online while traveling and assisting me at workshops, demonstrations and expos wherever possible. He proved to be an invaluable asset at EncaustiCamp and I expect this opportunity to give him a foothold into his true calling~

I don’t know; I just thought they were cool! I’d use these at home 🙂

Are we crazy? Most assuredly.
Are we scared? Nearly every other hour.
Are we convinced? Undoubtedly; this is the way for us right now.
I look down that road of ‘future’ and what I see is more of this; traveling, teaching, inspiring, living. More of me; living.
I know it will be good.
So we shove fear aside when it rises, we take the next step as it opens up in all the ‘stuff’ that must happen to make this happen, and we trust bigger than ourselves.

It’s a flower; really!

There is no other way.
Because, this is SO much bigger than our selves.

And my heart beats faster….

So once the Visa is secured (help anyone!?)
the house here rented,
our cars sold or stored,
the cats in a new home,
an AU home secured,
two suitcases each-only packed full,
and support from fantastic material suppliers guaranteed (more on this later!)
we will depart.
A whole lot poorer (whew, it costs to do this!) but
wow, exponentially richer.
in love. trish.
Success, and a fair prospect of more, is a keen reason to stay and labor in a particular place. Matthew Henry~