There is the one talking little, departing without preamble, not asking anything other than what comes and yet, giving so much; sometimes more than all others combined through her silent, observant presence~img_7976







There is the one traveling from so far, full of expectation, anticipation, deep delight. Yet grounded in experience, she takes all that is given and overflows it all back, reassembling the expectations carried in, in all new ways upon departure~









There is the one externally limited in ways all others are not. Yet unlimitedly reaching for all she can carry, never asking, always reaching for all she can carry; never asking always receiving-giving us all pause to consider what we believe to be limitations~










I simply can not sit down and accept my limitations; that is impossible. Thomas Merton

There is the one-dear to the heart- so necessary to the journey, yet so unassumingly along, a graciousness unmeasurable is realized by all~









There is the one-demanding, wearying, pulling all resources of strength and patience- Yet knowingly in ones soul, carrying a burden of living we may never know of, and therefore, refreshing our soul to answer to, all the same.








There is the one with the sadness in her eyes, in her voice. Yet a smile cracking her cheeks, her brush strokes. With colors painting a new deeper joy we all get to take part in~








There is the one holding the strings, standing afar off, making it all perfect. Despite the imperfections we never realize. With precision and care, we are all the better for being given this assurance where all our fears of unknown fall away~









There is the one, here again. Despite demanding job, despite limited resources, despite sometimes the practical sense of it. Yet here. Once again. Because she knows the richness of getting to. Again.







This is the one.

This is a journey for the one.

Is it you?








This is why I EncaustiCamp.
in love.