and so that word left then


which I say I like much more than the 


for what can be said that we can all agree on about that 


but tyranny

I think there is no disputing its heavy hand

there can be no confrontation or long drawn out debate about the effects of its 

oppression on the 


I can go further.

The mind 

the heart

the will

the hope

held captive by the weight of something so 


so much the despot

the autocrat

the totalitarian

the monocrat

surely you get where I’m going with this

the oppression of such a willful force can sometimes

God let’s be honest here

more often than not and sometimes

all the time

take away that small glimmer

snuff and snub out the fertile embryos of hope that are planted and furrowed 

in the what would have otherwise been

the most dedicated


democrative self. 

This tyranny now then, defined as a good thing.

Now I ask you please help me see how

that good thing can