This weeks posts are from Shary Bartlett! This is the fifth week in our collaborative exhibit share; in case you have missed  the previous I encourage you to take a look! Begin with Michelle Belto, follow on to Amanda Jolley, Crystal Neubauer and Erin Keane. Enjoy!


    0-7 years               7- 14 years

shary1          sh2

While each of the works in Seven Degrees characterizes my own unique story, my hope is that these scrawls and graphic configurations recall and speak to the viewer’s significant moments in their seven-year life phases.

sh314-21 years            sh4 21-28 years      

In many ways, our lives, trials and joys are similar — separated only by degrees.

sh528-35 years    sh635- 42 years, 42- 49 years    

I believe that art and the creative process play a profound role in our human experience.

The collective funds raised by Seven Degrees of Separation/Connection support seven community artists’ projects to share in the expressive, communicative and enriching soul of art making.

As a Canadian, I’d like the funds from the sale of my art to be shared between the great art causes promoted by my American Encausticamp Seven Degrees of Connection tribe.  Here’s to our fine friendship as neighbours!

sh7 49 – 56 years

Chicken Soup, Stories, and Art…for the Soul!