I did something new this past week.

Well, I’ve done it once before.

But before, I didn’t believe in it.

Well, I didn’t believe in it this time either.


I went to the rail.

The church I was attending had an alter call at the end of the service for anyone who needed prayer.

I have resisted going forward in the past thinking my troubles

too small,

too plain,

not painful enough,

not life challenging enough

to ask for help.


Then I went.

With my concerns for finances.

for Patrick’s schooling.

for workshops.

for suppliers.

……for people to love me 🙂


I asked for God to make my way in Australia.

Next to others asking for healing.





I ask for direction.

and conviction.


and I know I wont get it.

not in the way I was really wanting.


but I asked just the same.


and then I believed.

because I realized I was the one at that rail needing to be there the most.

I brought my pride

self over-aweness

self consciousness

to the rail.

and this was the biggest illness

in need of healing there.


taking the pride

that manifests in

not asking for help

from my heart.


Another layer peeled away.


And in that,

peeling was


I got conviction.

I got direction.

I got the message.



in love. trish