Back in the days of Michelango, Picasso, DaVinci and even Rilke, arts and the artists who created the great works were supported by the lovers of, the patron of, these arts. 


to give one’s regular patronage; trade with.
to act as a patron toward; support.

In our today world this kind of support is unheard of. It has been replaced by the hard working artist; giving to their art the moments around the edges of their 9-5.

In some cases these artists get the amazing gift of an endowment, grant, or residency that affords them a little more investment in the beauty, skill and integrity that their art manifests.

In fleeting but necessary cases as well, there is the government institutions of arts support. But I must leave this for another conversation. 

Art patrons are a by-gone support system that used to be a part in parcel to the bringing to life of the art, beauty, value and worth of creative endeavoring.

Until now.

No longer a by-gone support system, Patreon is answering the call to the immediate and necessary need for more art and creative practice in the world. 

As most of you know I have been building a place for the past two years.

It is an amazing place; some say, a magical place. In the heart of the growing NoLi district of Lexington, Kentucky our 1880 Victorian home, dubbed the EncaustiCastle, is coming to be the place for rich, rewarding, enlivening engagement in the arts. With guest instructor workshops from modes and methods far reaching the arts spectrum, to more intensive dives into the fine art of encaustic which is my passion, the EncaustiCastle holds space for them all.


came to my attention at WinterWax, through Brenda Tassava.

This fantastic platform is affording me a way to continue to host the life-changing retreats I do here in the EncaustiCastle, but also to grow and enrich these retreats.

With investment through patron support, Patreon will open more doors, provide way for more space, and support the betterment of the space already in place that is the EncaustiCastle. In short, Patreon is my art and place-makings patron.

Just like Michelangelo, DaVinci, Rilke, this place, my space, my art, will grow and be made all the better through your support.
It is my greatest hope that you realize the value of the collaborative effort Patreon affords artist and invest in my art, my EncaustiCastle.

Not one to be still, lie down on the job or subjugate my doing in any way, I hold up my part to reach more, teach more, inspire more. With Patreon, and your coming on as patron, I am joined in force with you, to do so, more~
Join me. There are many ways in which you can.

Visit Patreon and decide how you can add value and worth to our today world~
in love.