This weeks posts are from Sue Stover! This is the sixth week in our collaborative exhibit share; in case you have missed  the previous I encourage you to take a look! Begin with Michelle Belto, follow on to Amanda JolleyCrystal NeubauerErin Keane and Shary Bartlett. Enjoy!


Okay, they are almost all done. All except the orange one. I’ll have it done in the next few days and they all may get tweaked a bit before the time camp comes along. They are all different as I approached each one individually.

1sue 2 sueHere is another in progress.

I’ve learned some things throughout this process, gained some new techniques and realized some weaknesses or areas that I need to work. It’s the challenges in art making, the struggles and the mistakes that enable me to see possibilities where I didn’t know they existed. I want the struggle. It’s what pushes me to try harder, work harder and make the best art that I can.