reducing life to a simple need, properly understood in relation to one’s capacity at the moment~
I know my aim~
to set stone on stone, not for architecture, but for eternity.
hope so bright I can almost see it.
sarah manguso

what if it is this very hope, always simply this hope, that is what we are here for?

to be a stone

set one more stone on the architecture of this world, in just the way only we can.

a stone that is me, you, but that is everyone else as well. look how it fits

alongside yours mine so firmly solidly alongside

we build these buildings and bridges with many such stones

not just one.

and together they are strength

they are meant

and carry generations across creation.

it is what it is; the very what that is the is of life.

it is the stone

this stone

and it is the thread

that thread

passed through me to you, and carried on through giving

life, but also, creating life.

always. more. new. 

so therefore, me, my stone


so therefore, many,  their stone


so therefore, all, our stone


all for the hope

these threads that intertwine life together and create the colorful structure of this life-world.

that I exist is a perpetual surprise which is life.

This Hope.