Getting jumped. Jumping in. Jump start. Jumpin jack flash!
I’ve done it again! Do you get tired of hearing me write of the wonderment and stunning speed of my life now-a-days?! I believe this is par for the course when you choose to follow whole heartedly~
So, I’ve jumped in again. Full force. Both feet. Didn’t even know there was somewhere and something else to jump to! I am up to my kneecaps with this one-In life; in experiencing; in grabbing the tiger by the tail….
Today I am in Indiana experiencing my first trade show. Tomorrow I teach in Ohio for a four day workshop and presentation time at I’m thinking sleep wont come until sunday night 🙂
I’d like to think blogging will happen fluidly amongst all this rush of these next few months, but reality is a strong draft right now! I will have to make blogging a priority somewhere down the ordered list….I’ll take good notes and write in my journal so as to catch up with you later though! I wont go far! And I will post updates and images when I can. If I’m away for awhile, don’t leave me! SO much to come and so much to share-I wont disappoint; I promise! 🙂 Perhaps you could find me in person at one of my workshops in the interim!
in love. trish.
I’ve added workshops~Medford Oregon in June Mendocino California end of June and into July Fort Collins Colorado in October and Canada-BC- in October as well! You can still find me in Wisconsin, Arizona and the Oregon coast tucked in between these commitments!