alone in my head

even when one or the full house fifteen

slumber and slip into the early morning house

I talk to them

them that are the words the feelings the emotions the sensations

long lingered as well as newly ignited

I talk to them

say good morning 


it startles them sometimes to be seen this way

and realized for what they are

having mistakenly thought themselves breathing out there on their own

beings aside

I tell them hello -somewhat satisfied by their startle

and go on to tell them about my day -our day we will have they and I

they become even more surprised at this 

thinking as they did that they were in charge -getting to orchestrate the flow of the minutes 

and I go on to highlight the place they can sit at the table when I set out the breakfast and warm up the buns

and where they’ll get to be present in the studio or at the desk over the paper or beside the palette

and I even sometimes in those moments where extra emphasis is needed let them in on how they will behave

as evening descends and the final hours of the day wind down and they these words and feelings and emotions think they hold this hour as their playground

I tell them about how we will all be in this day together.

while for some this would be license for lunacy

for me it is the greatest deliverance to the place a small measure closer to peace

they get what they want and need, these words and feelings and emotions

not by taking but by being