For a long forever I have felt things preexist. Not in the grand sense, although that too; but that’s another conversation. I mean in the sense that elements, materials, tools have all been at hand, used by others, and reused by us. By me. Yet I also believe, in the grand sense and in this materiality sense, that these preexisting things are never repeated, always new, because of the hand that holds them. I believe that when one is standing in the river-flow of their own unique life, that whatever comes to be in their hand; a paint brush, a dentists tool, an electricians meter, that the river-flow will say what it is meant to say, purely because that person is standing where they’re meant to stand.

You have your own way of looking at things; I have mine. We can share, to the deepest of our being, our own view but never can we replicate with any truth and spirit, each other’s horizon.

In this is the why of why I teach.

For a long forever I have taught it all; everything I get my hands on, my hands in, my mind around, is translated back to the best of my ability because I trust the universe to put it into the hands of those who are meant to find it, use it, and make it their own.

I feel this is my responsibility; that these materials, that these ideas, and things that come into my hands are not meant to (just) stay there, but to be passed on to the one who is meant to hold them. I am a conduit, and to serve this capacity best, I have to let go, and be responsible to it.

Without fear or fret of a false sense of diminishment.

Therefore, what you get every time you come into my space, is everything. All that is required of you is that you stand in the flow, find your footing therein, and take it up to make it your own.

You have that responsibility. If you want to be among the ones who get to be a part of the perfect, clear, prescient creation; this is your job.

It is your charge; to take up what is held out to you, to accept ownership of all that courses in you, to look around and understand, in the way only you can, in your own inimitable way. This is your duty to life. To each other-for now, us here, as well as those past, and those to come.

We own it.

We owe it.

You owe it.

Yet the beauty of this debt is that it pays back, thousand-fold, when you give into the terms~

For a long forever, I hope to continue

in love