‘One who pitches their tent without constantly looking out for new horizons, who does not continually strike camp, is being untrue to their calling…Play down your longing for certainty, accept what is risky, live by improvisation and experiment.’  Michael Frost in The Faith of Leap

I am saying goodbye to my city today.

14 days before departing for Australia.

One day after selling the last of my ‘making this house a home’ furniture.

5 days before closing on our house sale.

Two days after selling my ‘always wanted’ Honda Civic.

On the day of my 46th birthday.

I am saying goodbye to my city.

As I step into the 33 degree frosty misted air just before dawn, hands buried in pockets for lack of ‘packed already’ gloves to be found~

Past the BeezNeez where I discovered the delight of  local wax.

the river front where I embarked on  many eye opening ‘dates’.

the high school

spirit day 🙂

that’s has perhaps gone through more rebuilding than I~

I raised the redheads here.

I helped in the library,

cheered from the rain-drenched sidelines,

held on, white-knuckled from the passenger seat as one then two then finally four learned to drive…..

this place has been home.

The pain of failure, finality, closed doors met in this place by the beauty of rebirth, rediscover and amazing opportunity.

I am saying goodbye to my city.

It’s time.

Life is happening; living awaits.


We are off.

in love. trish