Just six weeks away; we go EncaustiCamping again! I will get Australian info posted here soon, but for now I am thinking ahead to EncaustiCamp as the excitement level increases 🙂
It’s been a year already and oh what a year it has been~
all adding value back to the oncoming EncaustiCamp!
  Now that I am home from Australia, and the only thing left on my agenda are the details and preparation for July 10-15, 2012 I am starting to let myself get excited and expectant at all the potential inherent in 12+hot encaustic palettes warming up to the beauty of central Oregon wine country 😉

If you are joining me, I can’t wait to meet you! If you haven’t yet decided to join us, you are welcome to jump into the frey and come along; it’s going to be that good 🙂
in love. trish