Yeah, me. 🙂

It’s very difficult to write my own ‘intro’ for this series of introductions to EncaustiCamp instructors. An odd sensation.

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(*sharing the good photo memories I have in queue 🙂 Meet me in the hallways at ECamp at 6am and you can see the alternative….!)

As I set about writing about the others,

it was with calling them to mind,

thinking how we met,

recalling pertinent and impactful associations….

a bit off to try to do with myself in mind 🙂

So I am therefore taking a different approach:

Today and tomorrow I will talk about EncaustiCamp.


Give it its little intro and share what it’s meant/meaning to me.

Then on Thursday you get my bio video; take it or leave it-it is done!



EncaustiCamp has been a dream come true.


A dream I didn’t know I was dreaming.

A dream that came true as it was happening.

It’s something unique, altogether special and set apart.

It’s not so much a place, or a program, event or happening

as it is people.

A group.


A group that grows and changes

inspires  and enlivens

encourages and transforms

over the years-

Not only it grows and changes but

those present,

and others we touch throughout the year  as we ‘travel’ independent of each other

before returning again the next July.

It’s one of those things that can’t quite be explained.


(* yes, like fire and wax liking each other…)

Something happened,


at EncaustiCamp.

With EncaustiCamp.

We are all made better for being there.

And not just our waxy art.

<Thank God there is that though! :)>

But us.

At least I.

Get better.

Each year I am there.

photo credit Doug Loates

photo credit Doug Loates


Wow. I get to go again this year.


Year five.

I am so lucky.


in love.