I love Sue Stover 🙂

I guess I say that about all the EncaustiCamp instructors though.

Call it a weakness,

a ‘wrong way of doing business’ perhaps

but that’s that. I adore all the artists I’ve gotten to bring on to be EncaustiCamp instructors!

It could be judged wrong by best business practice;

where I want to be offering up the best, the most dynamic, the greatest encaustic-ness I can,

shouldn’t I then not go after artists I love, adore, cherish, but rather artists who live up to the greatest encausticiness standard possible?!

Jokes on ‘best business practice’: I get to do both!


Sue Stover and I connected over Jacquard Products.

I was using them for/in encaustic and she was working for the company.

If ever there was a meant to be…..

It wasn’t long before I was making her get her butt to ECamp-

with the ulterior motive of having her teach.

It is a ‘get to’ I’ve never regreted; one of the best of the get to’s I’ve gotten to for ECamp 🙂


They’ve arrived! Sue, Michelle and Judy in the elevator just after we found each other in Sydney~

Sue contines to amaze with her work but also with her gift for teaching. She is one of the three delicious artists who came along with me in Australia to host EncaustiCampAU.


Final day EncaustiCampAU photo bombing~

Sometimes I want to say ‘I wish I were closer’ to some people; that is, in proximity.

Sue has always been one of those people.

I’d sit at her palette and drool all day….

but there’s something in distance.

In seeing her,

these gals, just once a year~

The connection couldn’t be stronger

the bond tighter

than if we met for coffee daily.

Perhaps even, it is stronger because we cherish the one week we get to spend together~


There is something that goes beyond ties that bind;

there is a filament stronger than mere string or rope.

EncaustiCamp has woven that filament between so many~

not the least of which my dear

friends and fellow instructors these past five years.


ECamp 2014 photo credit Doug Loates

-Of which Sue Stover is a powerful, gifted, grateful-to-have-along-for-the-ride, bonded-to-me, inclusion.


yeah, I know. just yum. Susanstover. com

in love.