the posse 2013 🙂

Crystal has been along on this ECamp ride with me from the get-go.

She is the first I approached about coming on as a fellow instructor

and a massively instrumental part of shoring up my confidence to keep on pushing this baby out there into the world 🙂

Each instructor over the years,

whether the oncer like Jess Weems (Greene) or

the wanting-to-continue-but-can’t-cause-I-gotta-be-mommy of Bridgette Guerzon Millsecamp 2011 crazy instructors

or the retired-from-our-team-but-NEVER-leaving-us of Judy Wise

has fortified me more backbone to believe in the ECamp creation

and to persevere in making it all I possibly can.

But there’s always been something about my first….

crystal and I in Chicago at her show 2012?

Crystal saw the vision early on

listened as I spewed all my fears and doubts

nodded in agreement-

‘yup, sure nuf this is scary, big, difficult stuff you’re doing’-

then sat back and smiled while watching me do it

crystal and amanda ecamp book signing d smith 2014

remaining eagerly


engaged in it all

all along.

There’s just something about the first 🙂

ecamp instructors 2011

And never mind that her work

and artistic contribution to the retreat each year is phenomenal~

oh yeah that! xo

in love.