As my second book Encaustic Mixed Media hits the book shelves, I am offering this little lesson I learned in the writing of it~ Enjoy!
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We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore,
is not an act but a habit.

I do not profess to be excellent; far from it. But then, what is the definition? Is excellence a once and done goal to be reached or is it something we strive towards in each and every moment of your lives? Over and over again; seeking to be excellent in this awakening, excellent in this hello, excellent in this next encounter, excellent in this next task.
So in this definition, I am excellent! because I strive to repeatedly make excellence a habit of my day.
And today I give to you a bit of this excellence. Today I give to you the piece of me that strove to be the best encaustic artist and author for this book, Encaustic Mixed Media. Today I give to you the excellence of my habit to prove the versatility and malleability of beeswax to be above all else.

I will have moved to a new place by the time you pick up this book and read my words. I will have moved into a new habit of excellence and begun to work towards a new level of experimentation, or encouragement or excellence. I will look to the words and works of this book, in its most excellent form at release, and see the change that has occurred since then; surely being much too discriminating and determining it not at all the excellence I’d thought on this day of writing!

But that is the beauty, or the bane!, of excellence.
If one is to truly be so, to strive for this habit in character and performance, one has to be prepared to look back from a newly achieved level of excellence and accept the place that was called excellent the day, or week, or year before.
So it is with humble pride, tremendous gratitude and wary release that I give you Encaustic Mixed Media.
Putting all of my current heart, soul and effort into making it the all that it can be; the excellence that is it’s potential-knowing that there will be a new level to share with you as I grow in my habit to be and become most excellent. In love. Trish
A quick peek into just some of the where I am moving as I live excellent now, in this day 🙂