Do what you say, then do it again, even better.
We need your dreams, but we also need your deeds. Seth Godin

I hold myself in the deeds side of living

these doings come from my dreams for sure

but rarely spend time percolating there, steeping and becoming aromatic.

More often than not I grab them out of the roaster before they’re ready to hit the brewer

expecting them to taste rich, satisfying and bold.

too often its just bold

which can often be bitter.

Slow roasting tastes so much better on the palette

one must learn from the failures to capture real success.


I can pile up trials in the failure column

and am gratefully aware of the handful in the success column.

but I am ready for more

deeper richer bolder

flavors on my palette


I am coming aware that this takes time

i’ve been given so much opportunity to take it too-

take time

-two years abroad with downtime to think

-new place, home, giving me space

physical emotional spiritual mental

to pause and reflect

but I’ve run from it everytime

every single time.

run from the pause from the reflection

now is time to look back

look in

look around

and savor the scents coming from the roasters

anticipate the rich flavors

coming to rest on my palette

through percolating patience

It’s not about looking to what of those past failures could’ve become successes  ‘had I only…’

but about savoring the successes

and those to come

by letting time have it’s way with the process

this time

time is my partner

not my adversary, this time~

in love.