Observe the wonders occurring around you, do not claim them. Feel the artistry moving through, and be silent. Rumi

I sign into my journal each morning noting the date and day; the day being how many since returning stateside after two years abroad.

I got into this habit while in Australia for two years in 2013/14. It was interesting to track the days, and honestly, the practice kept me sane; grounded.

I could see what the investment of time looked like, and when most homesick,

look forward to what was left in the investment I’d made.

I kept up the habit out of, well, habit.

Once returning stateside and moving from Seattle to Lexington, Kentucky it was just something I was doing,

and continued to do.

This morning I noted the last day of this habit.

Day 832.

I have been stateside after two years of massive, amazing, life-altering determination for 832 days. 

Today is day 832;

Tomorrow is day 1.

I am returning down under.

Somewhere in the air, perhaps over Hawaii,

or further on hovering over the big pond between the worlds,

I will pull out my journal,

think briefly of the habit of habit, and write

Day 1.

I am returning down under.


I take off today. 

I get to.

in love.