How can anyone go back to the rules after the questions are asked?

We don’t need more facts, and we certainly don’t need more things to do. We need Life~


Sometimes I think it must surely be true; I am crazy


I’ve gone off the deep end

I have entered into the realm of impossible dreamers


and can expect to catch passing glance

hushed whisper

snickering disregard

on my way/


But I know better

I do know Better.

my way

As I walk this morning,

the sun not yet shining/

light of it sure arrival

reflecting off the water-

the fog-

the glistened streets-

just enough

assuring my next step

I am certain of my sanity

yet equally certain of my craze~

and I settle there

as I step

knowing there is some degree of crazy

in the fullness of living.


I’ve determined to no longer stand short of that goal line-

that fullness of living~


If in the end,

at the final breath,

I am wrinkled, thin haired, sun scorched, brow furrowed,

it will only be the exterior markings

the physical acclamations of

my spirit flying free


soaring beyond my biggest hopes and dreams.

I will be smiling

me laughing from BZ

on the inside

as they close the lid and

pass on by

because I’ll know my crazy

was living~

world face

in love.