ArtFest was all that it professed to be, all that I could’ve hoped for of it and as intense of an event as I remembered from years past. I always leave exhilerated, yet a bit deflated because I know I haven’t lived up to the expectations of all the participants. I am learning to let go of this though; ArtFest is the type of workshop experience in which it is virtually impossible to satisfy all the wants of every student. With 70 attendees over three separate workshop days, I can simply give what I plan and rarely get the pleasure of the deeper connections that happen in a three day workshop of all the same students. I’ve resigned to this though and work hard to give everything I can while I am there. Thus the tired eyes and buzzing brain still four days after returning! In addition, three of my four gingers are holding fort here as of 11:30 this morning 🙂 Looking forward to much noise and unrest reigning for the next seven days!!!! blessings. in love. trish