Monday I hinted at the fact that we’ve an exhibit coming together for EncaustiCamp.

This is not in and of itself a big deal; we’ve done an instructor exhibit nearly every year.

What is a big deal is the format!

This year’s exhibit is still collaborative but we are working independently on seven pieces, and bringing them together under the same umbrella~


With Gladden paint chips in hand we’ve each chosen a color field and must apply each of these seven delicious colors to our own 7×21 bords in the style of our making.


The rule? 70% of the area must be predominantly this color.

And yet this guideline is not what makes this years’ exhibit unique for us.

What makes it so is that we’ll be exhibiting online as well as live in gallery during EncaustiCamp.

Come June you’ll see through this blog the entirety of the show ‘up for sale’ auction format.

And if you are lucky enough to get to make it to ECamp this year,

or live near the Dumas Bay venue,

you can come see it live and experience the final days of the collection viewed altogether.

It is going to be fun to see where each instructor takes their seven bords. Michelle Belto kicks off the sharing next week. She will be featured guest blogger; telling her story of how she developed this body for exhibit.

Each of us will lean into a different sensibility about our theme; the colors, the number (7), the collaboration, the bord size (custom made for us at 7×21!).

Each one unique.

Each touched by our own lives and hands.


I look forward to seeing and hearing each one,  as the stories of creation have yet to be told to me~

I can only imagine what this process has meant to the others as I’ve dug in and created my own story in the seven panels I put onto my palette.

Looking forward to it all~

in love.