Is this ever the case, in the real life scenario?

If you take the time to see it, to feel it,

is there really a discernible end pay-off point, to the purpose of having done all that hard work?

pay off

I contemplate this as I think on the years since a friend has overcome near divorce to bear witness to a blessed marriage.

To another who went through terrific burn out from nose-to-the-grindstone determination, in driving a business venture..and has managed to make it through.

But do either attest to living in ‘paid off’?

hard work fortune

The first is renting a home, sharing space with regular community visitors, and leaning into everything she can to fulfill her passions and desires.

She and her husband are blessed by this new way of living, yet still face daily challenges of communication and affection and needs that have always been there in partnerships.

The second is taking occasional Friday’s off to get her own work attended to; making better effort to afford her her weekends and much needed balance.

She has built a new bridge to communicating with others in the business, yet still is, just as determinately nose-to-the-grindstone, working at driving the venture.

From the outside, in both cases, the hard work looks the same.

The marriage is still the two of them.

The work is still the hard.

So where is the ‘paid off’?

hard work oon

On the inside.

One knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the life she leads from here on out,

the hard work she does from here on out

is done in this blessed partnership-

One knows deep in her soul that the work she has done is manifesting in the work she is getting to do;

hard or not, it is a blessing to get to

Because it balances the whole of her.

On the inside.

Looking from the outside one sees much the same;

but get close to the windows,

cup your hands to peer in

you will see the sparkle.

The ‘paid off’ is the hard work.

And it is worth it.

in love.


hard work

And, just every so often, amazing ‘paid off’ proof sparkles

to the outside as well.

I got one last week; and I am still grinning~

have i not commanded you

yes with a silly, school-girl-crush grin

in sharing it with all of you now.

For anyone along for EncaustiCampAU, this is for you.

For anyone undecided, or thinking it wont be enough of ‘all that’ to ‘pay off’…..think again.

If I haven’t yet convinced you that EncaustiCamp is beyond what you imagine, this ‘paid off’ is more evidence.

in love.



Hello Trish,

Great news. Jenny Sages will be thrilled to open your exhibition although she feels that she is only a pretend Encaustic artist. She will love to  come to your talk and demonstration at the gallery too .

She has heard of you and was honoured that you thought of her.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend,

Best wishes,


 Frances Keevil Gallery

Bay Village, 28-34 Cross St,

Double Bay, NSW 2028

*For those who are unaware of Jenny Sages or her work  click this link Jenny Sages

jenny sages

          *Note: the ‘open’ referred to will be just before ECampAU week; Saturday 11 October, 5-7 for the exhibit ‘Wax and Words: A travelers story in paint and verse‘-

                       an all encaustic exhibit with work by EncaustiCamp instructors Michelle Belto, Susan Stover and Judy Wise. Oh! And me~ 🙂 More on this exhibit and how it’s come to be in a later post……