13 flights

virgin air

16 pillows


too many kilometers to count….

kilometer conversion

all before pbs_encaustiCamp

In addition a whole lot of ‘other’ is developing and being worked in the background…..


and I can’t wait to share it with everyone coming along in July!

But my point in this brief post-

if not to simply ground myself and breath for a moment-


is to point out that I am doing it.

And I can do it.

With the faith that

it is what I’m designed to do

(it is feeding my soul and pumping blood through my veins after all!

Oh wait, or is that terror….. 😉 )

and because I can, I am, I will, and I do,

epic shit

If only this were a gal; holding a waxy paintbrush 🙂
I return to this to remind myself….epic is beyond me; so I live looking beyond me!

you can too.

Trust me. You can too.


Come along; see what happens at EncaustiCamp, and discover for yourself.

Wax; and a whole lot more.

in love