Brian Doyle says that ‘nothing good happens at 3am; unless you are going fishing.’

I call him in disagreement.

At 3am, turning on just small white string lights framing the window at my side,

I take journal in hand, gaze at the moon nearing its setting, and hold my first coffee cupped in hands.

On special mornings a raccoon, or night-trolling possum visit the deck just the other side of our shared wall.

I say a silent hello, good morning and good night

as I continue my thoughts, pen to paper, and look forward to nothing more,

in this quiet time, than the grace of several more hours to be here, myself and the dark, the quiet, peace, present. 

Perhaps it is only here

in this place

with these stone walls and high ceilings

quiet resting back yard 

busy traveling front

perhaps it is just here 

at 3am

that all good things happen.

So I beg to differ.

I ask and want answers-

I do not think I am alone

do you too not find,

that in the quiet hours before the world begins to stir,

the most profound



can become?

Brian Doyle says nothing good happens at 3am. I disagree and invite him to

visit me 


in this morning-place in this creative castle

and change his mind~

in love.