Do You Dare?

My work as a business consultant has evolved over time. Stretching beyond my professional niche area in the veterinary community, I’ve found that I can offer my art peers something they’ve been missing: someone who can listen, ask the right questions, and affirm their direction as artists. Whether amateur or professional, goal-setting and strategic planning goes a long way towards making your way as an artist. It’s up to the artists to follow-through and travel their paths to fruition. Do you dare?

It is my place to gather you around the table and to listen to your dreams and artistic desires, as tentative as they might be. I question you from time to time, helping you see what you already know, and bring clarity to your artistic vision. I provide you with affirmation, once you’ve done the hard work of putting your vision to paper, so you can continue to become all you have envisioned.

Then it’s up to you. Do you dare?

Carve out time for yourself and your art. Do you dare?

Run towards that dream you’ve had percolating at the back of your mind for years. Do you dare?

Bask in the success of bringing your dreams to life. Do you dare?

What have you got to lose? Everything. I dare you to come, and share, and be true to yourself.

Brenda Tassava is your Winter Wax Life Coach. A resident of New Orleans, and a mixed media and encaustic artist herself, she looks forward to starting each new year gathered round the table with friends and artists at the EncaustiCastle in Lexington, Ky.