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The deliciousness of wax, the delight of color and play, the joy of getting ones hands messy

– pbsartistOPENstudio is the place to experience all this and more –

Through private workshops, live in-studio broadcasts and youtube demonstrations, the newly launching (2016) EncaustiKits© and guest instructor retreats with artists from throughout the world, pbsartistOPENstudio© is the place to experience all the ways in which Patricia seeks to logo


Come see what is going on in beeswax….

EncaustiCamp© and its US and International manifestations are here too. Find the collective body of all that is pbsartist from the art, the books, the workshops, the pbsartistOPENstudio©s, the EncaustiKits© and the EncaustiCamp©s.
Stay in the EncaustiCastle while indulging in workshops as well! Whether for a private  or one of the other varied and diverse mediums through guest instructors; come let what leads your heart to take off happen-
Beginning with guest instructors Elizabeth Bunsen and Sue Stover April 2016!

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  • Tabitha~

    November 18, 2015

    It woke me at 12:30am. It wasn’t the expected trip to the toilet. The mother voice in my head sent me there nonetheless. I could feel my concerned-brow furrow even Keep reading…

  • Solitude is not a luxury~

    November 11, 2015

    Some people who might otherwise be artists, or merely more productive, turn their creative talents elsewhere because they cannot tolerate being alone for extended periods. Anna Held Audette ______________________________________________________________________________ I am Keep reading…

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