Find your voice

shout it from the rooftops

and keep doing it until people

that are looking for you

find you.

Dan Harmon

The only way to find your voice is to use it~

I have fought hard over the past four years

believing exclusively in word of mouth ‘advertising’ for EncaustiCamp.

megaphone gal

It’s worked;

sort of.

I give in now though.

My better half gave me the ticket to do so 🙂

megaphone amplify your voice

It’s not easy giving up a stubborn conviction. It’s not easy giving it up when you’ve grounded it in good intentions and best practice.

But alas, EncaustiCamp deserves more.

EncaustiCamp lifers and newbies deserve better.


So I go big.


Seeking out interns to work PBSartist social media~

promote ECampUS, AU and the ‘next’ my mind dreams up~

Encaustic Revelation book cover

one to build a graphic library of materials to use not just this year but going forward,

not the least of which will be a flyer.

to ask all of those with mouths and hands to spread the word through 🙂

Still using Word of Mouth; just looking for more mouths to use

and more ways to use the Mouths I have 🙂


in love.


If you know an art, graphic design or marketing student -or anyone!- who would enjoy the opportunity to work near my crazy brain and follow along on the journey of making life happen as I live from my passion, send them to my email and let’s begin a conversation! I hope to add value to their future in as many ways possible~