the Aussie family group 🙂


Well it’s finally time: EncaustiCamp 2013 opens for regular registration! I am amazed at the speed of time that finds us at this point once again…

For this third year- wow-three years now!  we find ourselves moving north from the original Oregon venue to Washington. Dumas Bay Retreat Centre in Federal Way, Washington will be filled with all things waxy come July 23 as EncaustiCamp 2013 gets underway!

Some things to expect, look forward to, and anticipate~

First, get registered! If you are vacillating, wondering if this is your year, contemplating the sense of committing ‘one more medium’ to your repertoire, stop. Register. Now. The benefits far and away outweigh the costs of this retreat; to your pocketbook, to your ‘make sense of it’ thoughts and to your  future creative direction.

If it’s too much to ask for you to trust my saying this-the coordinator of this remarkable retreat, then contact someone who has been there and hear it from the point of view they offer. It won’t differ from my own; and you’ll be certain to comprehend the inestimable value of being a part of this amazing experience and get registered straight away:)!

I have a list of EncaustiCamp lifers if you’d like to take me up on the offer of seeking someone else’s opinion….

We are half way to full with preregistration and I fully expect to fill to capacity for 2013; especially with the incredible advantages this year brings us to:

Assistance in each workshop! For the first year we will have full time assistance in each workshop; not just myself or my assistant roaming between rooms~Quite the bonus! They harken from Washington, Oregon and even overseas….

Educators can take advantage of continuing education credit-EncaustiCamp 2103 has been qualified to offer four continuing ed credits to educators. Go online to  to register this option properly~

Patrick returns! Not to be missed is the multiplied enthusiasm, joy and good times brought about by my 2012 discovered best side kick. Patrick joins us from his new haunt in Michigan (as of May since returning stateside from Australia). I for one will be very, very happy to have him rejoin us at EncaustiCamp.

An whole, entire fieldtrip day:Yes that’s right, due to popular demand we will have Friday as a day to relax, explore and fully experience iconic Seattle and all things northwest wonderful. Schedule to follow; but look forward to this day of ‘guided’ fun and exploring to expand your concept of waxy wonderful.

A massage therapist onsite: It’s true I went for an indulgence I don’t necessarily partake in myself, so that we can all benefit fully from loosing tight muscles, relaxing hunched shoulders and feeling the weight of tons of new, wonderful information lightened J Madeline Bombadier joins us from Michigan and will set up shop in one of the lounge rooms for short massages. They can be scheduled once onsite and the cost will be based on the length of ‘loosing’ needed!

Edmonds ArtSpot will join us this year as the onsite place to get anything you may have forgotten. With EncaustiKits supplies available as well, expect to find more than enough goodies for purchase throughout the retreat duration.

Official photographer/videographer. I have overlooked the fact that I have an ‘in house’ photographer in my desire to fill this ‘need’ :).  In truth, he’s just developed his skills in a way that makes it very worthwhile to put him to work at our retreat 🙂 My son, yes, there are more than one :), Daniel will come on board this year to diligently capture all the goodness of EncaustiCamp as it happens. No more of me wandering about with my phone/camera, only occasionally remembering to actually take a photo! Not only will he take, but he’ll also edit and compile the collection as they are taken. Wowzers and whew!

EncaustiCamp goodies: for you to order and personalize as you see fit! My fabulous graphic designer Rachel Kalous has finalized the design ideas Lisa Bethel created last year and set them up on a site for personalized purchasing. Choose item, color, size and style; pay and look forward to your order being onsite when you arrive to the retreat. I think this is so fun 🙂

And the topper of it all, the biggie, the announcement I’ve been holding out on: North Light Books has contracted the lot of us, EncaustiCamp 2013, for a book to be released fall 2014! Can you imagine?! EncaustiCamp 2013 is the feature for this technique driven, retreat highlighted, sure to be delicious publication! Instructors will be featured for step outs of their techniques, but most valuable- EncaustiCamp will host the editor and photographer so that onsite, in process ECamp life will be captured in the pages….what a treat !

As most of you know I myself will be coming from Australia to host this third year of EncaustiCamp. Last year, when determining to run it again despite my long term, temporary move to Australia in January 2013, I knew it wouldn’t be an easy decision to uphold. But alas, in greatest part to amazing souls coming on to take up the slack my state side absence created, we are looking forward to a stronger, more inspiring, all around fuller indulgence for 2013. Super organizer Kari Little, glorious graphic designer Rachel Kalous, all the over-the-top  ECamp instructors, the amazing assistants and secret ‘artist exposes’ and my wonderful suppliers-Ampersand, Enkaustikos and Jacquard, all deserve more thanks than this simple line offers. To these wonderful people, and many more in small and big ways, I can say we are better for working together. EncaustiCamp 2013 will be an experience to be reckoned with; I hope you all can find your way to attend; you won’t regret a moment’s investment.

It’s life. It’s art. It’s creativity. It’s so good 🙂

In love.