There’s been a fire growing here at the EncaustiCastle for several months now. I am nearly two years into my return from Australia life, my own work in wax has taken on greater depth, passion and delight, and the amazingness that is this EncaustiCastle is taking form in the 1880 years-new walls….

Therefore it is time.

Winter Wax is a week-long retreat here in my home in Lexington, Kentucky. It is a new way of waxing, and a great opportunity to forward your creative life beyond your wildest imaginings.

Join us. It is going to be amazing.

in love.


Winter wax invitation

On December 19th I will be 50 years old.

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Ten years ago Encaustic Workshop and its offspring were yet a glimmer in my eye.

Ten years ago I had four young children and a large home on five acres.

Ten years ago I was a mother, a wife, a bookkeeper for our small artisan bakery.

Ten years ago I managed a household including 10 chickens, four pigmy goats, acres of gardens

and began walking in the morning light….

I have not stopped since.









Ten years ago was a wild, depth-plunging revelatory beginning to the ten years I am now looking back on…
It has been ten years of the most humbling of experiences, the most unexpected of changes, the most transforming and purpose-driven development unequalled in the previous forty. ..









And the most vulnerable.

This vulnerability was forced on me and yet I am all the more grateful for it.

Now at the onset of this next 10 years I ask myself:

What if I choose vulnerability instead of it choosing me? What if instead of being forced to plunge the depths of my self and face what comes out, I choose to do so, now, every day, as I step into this next decade?









And what if I did this around the purposed intentions of growing from the inside out, and letting it reflect in the creations I put into the world?

And what if this is what’s really meant to be, in this thing we call life? What would this change about the way I live?

And what if the setting of this stage of vulnerability was done around a table…a dining table, a studio table, a journalist table, a dreamers night table?….

And what if this table was inhabited not alone, in the cocoon of my own safe habits and proclivities, but with other receptive and open souls seeking the same choice-making determinations for themselves?










What will I bring to the table?
What will you bring to the table?

This is Winter Wax.

With this intention of deliberate, shared creativity and exploration, soul searching and expectation setting, I begin 2017 and my next ten years, setting my course for purposefully multiplying the hallowed events that have made up my life’s path over the previous decade, using the tools that have come to me through new relationships and community that I get to call my own.

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I share the table setting with two of these new relationships for Winter Wax 2017: artist, materials expert, and soul-seeker herself Kathryn Bevier; to share her creative process, and artist and incredibly gifted coach Brenda Tassava; coming in to integrate dreams, hopes, motivations and creative energies to establish the place setting that will become our 2017 lifestyle.

Now I invite you to this table.

Are you ready to face your creative self, the muse that is in you and is you, and let it have its full voice? Are you ready to let it fly and begin to allow the fullest potential of you arise?

I am.

And I am ready to have you join me around these tables-to do not only the work, but also the joy and pleasure of discovering the depths of life within ourselves.

I know, with the experience of the past ten years as proof, that doing so can revolutionize a life, and I want it to be mine. I choose to make it my own and look forward to you doing the same. Come join me at this table-

Winter Wax 2017 invitation information