I started with earnest determination; I would make it work and I would bring about peaceful coexistence. I would DO all that I was asked to do!
I continued in earnestness-resulting in only the flitting of my minutes away in flustered brain thoughts flying here and there yet never landing and never coming to be.
I earnestly-frantically- returned again and again to this resolve to do it right-increasing my tension and reinforced the wall in coexistence.
Then I gave up.
I went to bed.
I slept fitfully.
I dreamt deeply.

I woke up.
I looked back and saw that He wasn’t asking me to DO anything.
That He wasn’t expecting me to act, or do or make happen. He was asking me to do nothing. He was telling me to shut up and be still 🙂
It was not a day, an experience, for me. It was for her. And I had to do nothing.

I want to listen next time instead of keeping on talking…..in love. trish.