when you wonder~

January 23, 2017

I’ve wandered into big wonder many times in my life

the child, wildly birthed from my own body

gently cradled into my arms.






the workshop faces, staring back at me, the eager eyes, telling me I have something good

and get to give it to them.






the airplane cabin, cozy and half lite, home for 17 hours as life shifts from north

to south, from secure and known to

what will come.







I’ve wandered into big wonder many times in my life

and seek more.

always more.

But I am home.









I am so HOME-

I ask the heavens where wonder is, if I get it again, settled home, as I am.






This past week twelve women gathered with me at home-








around my barn wood table

around the wax dribbled studio tables.








In my home.

There was such wonder.

There was such wonder!

Not big like child birth

or a 17 hour flight to what if,

but the heavens continue to deliver wonder

heaping spoonfuls-

and I graciously open my mouth. 

Let my life be filled to overflow.


It is wonder-filled.

You will find it too.

in love.


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