My big dreams;
looked at, confessed, professed, held, written, believed.

so what now?

I’ve made one decision.

My art is for me.
For the next year,
starting with my residency in Australia and carrying me through for as long as it does,
my art is for me.
Not that it hasn’t been:
I paint because there is something I want to explore, experiment with, test, express….
but it always becomes something I start thinking of
in terms of its potential in sharing,
in become a show,
in processing into a great workshop….

But not this year.

My art is for me.
Experimenting. Playing. Testing. Learning.
regardless if it fits into wax,
if it involves painting,
or stitching,
or rebuilding.
doesn’t matter what it looks like.
the only prerequisite is that it makes me come alive with potential.

What now, for you? 

My art is for me.

I’m sure I’ll share tidbits…’s my nature 😉
in love. trish