I’m not ready: That’s my determination. I’m just not in a place that is conducive to receiving romantic love in my life. In the world scheme of things, one could say it’s much too soon anyway-it’s just two years that I’ve been completely on my own. I am working at developing my career, muddling through the miasma of children making choices and feeling where this life is headed….time is not on my side right now for a relationship! Search though I may, it will not come if the time is not right-I am engaged in building myself and this is SO good. Therefore, I plunder on. Loving every minute. Investing in my moments to find greater self acceptance, richer connections with those in my life right now, and a fuller understanding of what I’m doing here on earth. Every step does not make sense. Every foothold does not remain true. But positive, progressive, fulfilling forward motion is happening: And that is enough. That is more than enough! It is a tremendous blessing and an eye opening joy each morning. It is the reason for living and breathing and my thrill in smiling and thanking God each and every morning. And, if a romantic partner should enter the picture while I am so thoroughly soaking up my life, then more power to him! He can join me on this ride and revel in the joy of finding the next foothold alongside. Jump in! in love. trish.