A message to my boys:

When I had you, from that first breath of you I held on fiercely.
A senses of needing to protect you, direct you, hold you pervaded my every sense.
And I did so; fiercely.
And now you are gone. You  live outside of me. Outside of my everyday in a world of your own every-day’s. Some days I can not wrap myself around this new reality; you have all grown and taken wings. You are all on your own.
And some days I am so grateful.
Now we are the same. Now we walk side by side. Now we touch as fellow travelers.
I guided. I guarded. Not always correctly, not always good. But in the end, I did so to come to this place; where we can walk and talk and be together in this new way. The way where we one on level ground; you now guide me as much as I guide you. You now guard me as much as I guard you. You now bring wisdom to my life as much as I do, sometimes more than I do, to yours. No longer mother and son, but now both just people living.