After saying

no way would ever do it again

we separate to across the globe for two months again this week.

He to Washington

me to NZ, Victoria, SouthAustralia.

We meet up again in Michigan

(MICHIGAN!? you say!)

where we’ll celebrate four years of marriage,

visiting my boys!

as well as new (for John) and (old) for me friends on their turfs

in St Louis and Chicago

Pay a visit to North Light to create a webinar for the new book

and head into Rochester to work with Enkaustikos

and do a super-indulgent weekend workshop at Kathryn Bevier’s studio.

A month of US before back to Washington together

to put my nose to the grindstone on the final details for pbs_encaustiCamp 2014.

I can’t, again, believe how quickly the year has passed.

And I can’t believe, once again, how excited I am to see everyone,

newbies and lifers,

and share all that I’ve been up to.

I get to.

In love.