It’s me 🙂

My week! For the past six weeks you’ve heard from guest bloggers-my fellow ECamp instructors-telling of their inspirations, process and practice in developing their unique seven panels for our collaborative exhibit. This final week is all mine.

Thank you for coming along with us. It might not show, but without deep enough words and wide enough reach to express it, we are so grateful to have gotten to. Thanks to you~



Welcoming collaboration, in whatever form it takes.

For me here, in this collaborative exhibit,

it takes my hands and heart and joins with my minds-wanderings over all

the value-added past five years of EncaustiCamp.


Collaboration has come to me to mean


I have learned to trust the world

even when it takes a bite I was not offering.

I trust

because I get to choose to.

In the past five years

I’ve learned to trust parts of the world that are trustworthy because

I’ve learned I trust myself.

Thank you EncaustiCamp.

Thank you lifers.



That is what you’ll see in the background of these seven panels;

the years of memories

blending with fresh aspirations

of what is to come~

Trusting it will.



In the next four days I am not taking you through my process per se,

it is simple after all;

wax applied to bord.

This is, after all, the 10,000 hours that taught my hand to do what does while the rest of me wanders…






And any struggle in this creation story is the struggle of ‘every artist’-

every man after all……

  • Great inspirations strikes.
  • Determination and delight in bringing it to life take charge.
  • Feet-on-the-ground action begins and doubt



set up camp as well.

  • Determination holds out and something new is born.
  • Satisfaction in having created sets in.
  • And you want to have another go 🙂

(and you wonder if you just experienced your last spark of inspiration 🙂 )


What I am keen to do

for these next four days of blogs is

share the background.


What goes on as the process unfolds on the bord

The story as it plays out in my heart and mind and hand

and takes form in paint.

This background-

the next four days of posts-

is where my mind and heart go

when my hand creates.





These panels are unique in that they were prompted by a project-with intention-and therefore hold extra-

They are part of a place,

a creation,

a collection of people that’s come to be called



These panels are this

as well as the holding tight-


that is such a wonderful gift.


they are a


a memorial.

To all that’s gone and all that comes through getting to

Reach more, teach more, inspire more~

I have gotten to.

I get to.

These paintings are all that is the getting to-

in wax.

in love.