My faith is in the experience I have of being known.

My life becomes my proof~


Faith and trust are like the ocean.

When I first came to believe

opened my eyes to what was

it was not to knowledge

or proof

or evidence.

it was in experience.

Like the ocean outside my window

it is always there

always surrounding me

with the sound

the smell

the pieces of it

that live in the birds

the grasses

the shells and


that spill into the gardens


roads and


It is always with me.

I can let it be silence



it is always there.

and I can pursue it.

and it comes to me

over and over

never ceasing

crashing into my calves



immersing me.

when I choose to

pursue it each day

to visit and take time

I am changed further

taken higher

and giving more to

my life

in every moment

the ocean outside my window

always there

as distant

or as near as I

choose to make it

My faith is my experience

and its waves never cease.

in love. trish