As I began the second day of workshop, standing in the entry of the girl guide hall in a suburb of Brisbane, and the space was just beginning to hum with the aching beauty of enthusiasm for encaustic-y creative expression,

my mind drift to ‘next’…and the studio space, wax, workshopping

that sit on my horizon…..











The air is cooler; its central Kentucky in spring~

I can hear the students sipping their first cuppa, gathering their supplies together

and making their way down the rather grand central stairs; the studio floor

glowing with stain and waxy wear sings to receive their footfalls for another day.

Through the open two storied barn doors,

swung wide to let in the morning sun,

the horses seem to give a simply nod hello as they finish their own morning rituals~













Turning to greet the first morning awakening,

too with my own cuppa in hand,

I can’t disguise the absolute, deeply resonating sense of joy

that erupts in the smile on my face.

I get to.

I just am.


This place.

Come along,

I implore you

it is this good

I can’t see letting anyone be left out.

Come along~












in love.