EncaustiCamp 2014 is alive!

‘the best way to get started on the path to sharing your work is to think about what you want to learn, and make a commitment to learning it in front of others.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    ~Austin Kleon, Show Your Work!

I think I started EncaustiCamp for myself. To see if I could do it. To see if I could share my work and learn about it…in front of others.
Now I find myself asking, what is my work?!

As EncaustiCampUS and AU launch for registrations 22 April, it is with tremendous fear and wonder, masked by steadfast preparation and determined detail-sussing, that I set my head on the pillow each night. And I’m constantly asking, questioning, searching…
Who is this person?!
What is this creation?!
What ever came over me to birth this (beautiful) beast?!

Entering into year four, and all the crazy-wonder
wonderful crazy?!
-that’s come over these years, I have no real, firm answer to my wonderings…wanderings…..
but I do have convictions.
And sometimes-
perhaps all the time-
these are enough. They sustain, enliven, encourage…..
to persevere.
Perhaps being able to answer would be the end to the searching.
And the searching is what keeps the heart beating.
The longing.

Most wont be surprised when I say I’ve begun seeing into 2015; the fifth anniversary for EncaustiCamp: What a vibrant, beautiful thing it’s become!
Standing on its own two feet and growing strength of its own;

even creating its own momentum~
But now I try to rein it in; to hold onto this year and stay with it
even as I look forward.
Because this year is big. This year is bright.
This year brings so much to share and inspire and
yes even once again, be surprised by.
Always surprised.
When you go into it with curiosity, you can expect to be surprised by the joy.

Tell others. Share the goodness.
I am curious to meet them.
And to share my joy.
in love.
*2014 Enrollment incentive! Thanks to my publisher North Light Books,
those enrolling with full payments or those paying balances due on deposits for EncaustiCampUS AND AU in the first 10 days of launching; 22 April-1 May, will receive a gift of Encaustic Revelation: Cutting-edge Techniques from the Master’s of EncaustiCamp-signed by the contributing authors as well as bonus NLB shop discounts. ECamp instructors are also putting all registrants names into a hat for a final day drawing to win one of the collaborative paintings on exhibit during EncaustiCamp.
Come along.
Share from us. Share with us.

AND! Follow this blog!….I will be making amazing, wonderful, ‘guess what else we get to?!‘ stuff about ECampUS and AU every week…starting with an ECampAU tidbit (golden gem!) in two days…

AND ONE FOR NOW! BaliEncaustic has had two spots come available! Register quickly if you want in~