I’ve been thinking about history a lot lately. It’s a design of my location for sure, but all the same, it’s where my mind is going.

As I scrub and shop vac and disinfect and white wash the space that will soon inhabit the life of my studio

my creativity

my inspiration

I wonder at

for what it’s original use was intended~

And I cross paths with history.

Ancient rafters nail speckled and bird nest touched…


crumbling bricks from neglectful exposure by long forgotten tenants~ IMG_1436

Rusted boiler sitting off in a corner of the sand stone walled basement.


Heaps of debris that most would wish to find only outside, not in ones attic

left overs from years of vacancy and decline…

and yet such beauty as well.

the craftsmanship of hand forged nails in

hand hewn floor boards


Left behind tool caddy and radiator grates

shelving and medicine cabinets


nothing is without a story…

under its layers of dust!

I choose to look past that

and let it tell me its story.

in love.